The Admonishments from Huang-Mu to the Children(皇母訓子十誡)

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ISBN : 10010514

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▓ Foreword by Lao-Mu March 24 in the 78th year of Republic of China:

♣• The aureole of the True Self , affected by desires for materialism in Hou-tien, con not be full and bright ; Therefore , there is the distinction between pure and filthy.

♣• You must hold on firmly to the True Selves and restore it to the original state of purity. All being are equal, so do not distinguish between one and another. Lao-Mu I want to rescue everyone, regardless who he is . If you continue to indulge in the seven emotions, six desires, and the mortal world, You heart and body will be contaminated. Your heart and body will be contaminated.

▓ You'll fall into the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.

♣• All beings who hanker after pleasure will be tragic. The present world appears rather gay. But, until the arrival of the White Yang Period, all beings will suffer in miseries. For the Final Catastrophe has arrived. Hurriedly save the world, humans and all beings. Lao-Mu I said when the Final Catastrophe arrives, the entire world will face   massive destructions which cannot be redeemed by humans.

♣• People are so lost that they forget about returning Home; So Lao-Mu My heart is broken. Lao-Mu I hope all beings will quickly return to my side. Come back to My side, Lao-Mu I will be very happy.

♣• It is up to all beings to choose either happiness or sadness. Lao-Mu I am worried as well as grievous Because the arrival of the Final   Catastrophe will bring disasters to this world; all beings will be in anguish. Lao-Mu I hope the entire world can be saved, but who can save all beings and the whole world ? If you turn to heresies, Lao-Mu I will be very sad. Therefore, Lao-MuI want to save the souls of all beings.

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