The Letter from Home(皇母家書)(停版)

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ISBN : 10010513

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►(二)、THE Letter from Home


 ▓THE Letter from Home皇家書

♣• The Powers and Four Images gave rise to Eight Trigrams,   There were billions of Guan-yin in Homeland; The spiritual energy transformed into men and women; The mutual suppression of the Five Elements evolved human procreation.

♣• Lao-Mu I wail mournfully in An-yang, Sighing for My children lost in the mortal world. The weather in the four seasons and eight Solar Periods is frigid, And pear tree blooms in July as seasons are disrupted. The Shang-yuan passed, the Zhong-yung ended, and the Xia-yuan begins; Lao-Mu I am looking forward to see My children, Luo-han and Guan-yin who do not want to return to the Heaven Palace. Everyone of you are infatuated by the mortal world; And do not care for Lao-Mu Me in your hearts.

 ♣• Remember the time when there was neither men nor women on the Eastern Earth; All of you followed Lao-Mu Me wherever I went and   never left My side. Lao-Mi I at that time had no other choice; But to part from My lovely children. With repeated instructions and discussions, yet none was willing to descend to the Eastern Earth; Thus Lao-Mu I devised a plan to leave My children. Lao-Mu I bit My middle finger and made wine from the dripping blood; In front of Tri-Peaks Lao-Mu I lured My children to get drunk. All children got drunk inebriatedly; Like persons without souls who could not find the way.

♣• Yuan-fu-zi lied in the Grand Immortal Pool; And Lao-Mu I took the divine apparels and flying shoes back to the Heaven Palace. Yet no one understood Lao-Mu My intention; Everyone played and bathed in the Pool. Not realizing that Lao-Mu I was about to part from them; And they could no longer attach to comfort and accompany Lao-Mu Me.

♣• Lao-Mu I was reluctant to let go of My children; But the constant   hastening drum beat signified the arrival of My Ddecree. While Lao-Mu My children played in the water; Lao-Mu I took the divine apparels and flyig shoes in sky. In the Heaven Palace Lao-Mu I looked back and tears with blood ran down from My eyes; Lao-Mu I saw My children and wailed mournfully. They ate and drank My fluid and blood thinking that they were sumptuous wine; Everyone was drunk and lost at the Tri-Peaks. All because the Eastern Earth had no men or women; Lao-Mu I had no choice but to leave My own children.

♣• Lao-Mu I at that time could not bear; To see the expressions of My children after they sobered up. So, Lao-Mu I spurted shadowless Qi to cover Heaven and Earth; And ordered Shen-lang to descend nine green dragons. To retrieve the wine made from My Yuan-qi; The children were still in water after they they sobered up. And could not find their divine apparels and flying shoes; They looked all over but could not find Lao-Mu Me. They searched in mountains, shouted in forests, but still could not find Lao-Mu Me; Lao-Mu My sons sighed in sorrow and My daughters cried aloud. They mourned and wailed to Heaven and Earth and cried \" Lao-Mu where are You ? \" Hair disheveled and foot bared, they were heart broken. Without the divine apparels they shivered in cold; Thirsty and hungry, they could not find a place to settle. Up above were high mountains and down below were deep abysses, nobody dared to move; Holding each other's hands they wailed mournfully and none dared to leave. The children Lao-Mu I departed were like the birds without nest; From then on , they went their separate ways.

♣• Woefully sobbing and sighing in front of the Tri-Peaks; Yuan-fu-zi could not find Lao-Mu Me anywhere. The growling of the wild tigers echoed successively in the mountains; All the children had no place to go but cried Heaven. They cried aloud the name of Lao-Mu Me time after time; \" You left us here and We can't be together. We become men and women in the Eastern Earth; But where are all the divine apparels and flying shoes. Although we become men and women in the Eastern Earth; How could we go without apparels and food in the mortal world. Lao-Mu I cried out loud in the clouds; \" Hark My children.\" Eat conifer seeds when hungry; Drink spring water when thirsty. Make hats and belts of conifer leaves and branches; Cover your bodies with leaves against the cold. Wait until the water return to the Western Sea; I will descend the Patriarch to the mortal world.   There is no grain in the Eastern Earth; Plow and sow and then reap, awaiting the Home coming day. The children's eyes were all filled with tears; They wept aloud to Heaven. Since then Lao-Mu I and children parted; When will We reunite?

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