The Buddha Speak the Sutra about the Deep Kindness(絕版)

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ISBN : 10010036

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▓The 《 FILIAL PIETY SUTRA 》was translated into Chinese from Sanskrit By KUMARAJIVA . 

♣• Thus I have heard, at one time, the Buddha dwelt at Shravasti, in the Jeta Grove, in the Garden of the Benefactor of Orphans and the Solitary ,together with a gathering of great Bhikshus, twelve hundred fifty in all, and with all of the Bodhisattvas, thirty-eight thousand in all. 

♣• At that time, the World Honored One led the great assembly on a walk toward the south. Suddenly they came upon a pile of bones beside the road. The World Honored One turned to face them, placed his five limbs on the ground, and bowed respectfully.

♣• Ananda put his palms together and asked the World Honored One, \"The Tathagatha is the Great Teacher of the Triple Realm and the comp-assionate father of beings of the four kinds of births. He has the respect and reverence of the entire assembly. What is the reason that he now bows to a pile of dried bones ? \"

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