The Testimony of Tao Through Parables and Scriptures in the

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►Ι. The introduction of Heaven-Tao :

  1. The relationship among Tao, God and True Self

  2. The Last Catastrophe of the Third Period ( the Final Judgement )

  3. Heaven-Tao is not easy to encounter

  4. Bringing Salvation to the Tree Worlds

  5. The Three Treasures of Heaven-Tao  

► Π. The Testimony of the Enlightened Parriarch ( the Spirit of Truth ) who holds the Divine Mission to transmit Tao from God's sanction and   commandment : ------ What is " the Spirit of Truth ? "  

►III . The Testimony of the Heavenly portal :

  1. What is " baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with Fire?"

  2. The Truth of the Cross is another testimony of the Heavenly Portal.

  3. What is " I will come again?"  

IV . The Testimony of the Divine Mantra :   ------ What is a white stone engraved with a new name?  

V . The Testimony of the Symbolic Signal :   ------ Who really excels in the Kingdom of Heaven?"  

VI . The Testimony of one's name being deleted from Hell and being regis-tered in Heaven :   ------ What is " those whose names have been recorded in the Lamb's   Book of Life?"  

VII . The Meaning and importance of being a Vegetarian :   ------ What is " only you shall not eat flesh with its life, that is, its blood?"  

VIII . Conclusion :


《 The introduction of Heaven-Tao : 》

♣• 1. The relationship among Tao, God and True Self The void Tao is nameless, shapeless, and formless. It has no be-ginning, and no end, and It exists everywhere and nowhere. Tao existed before heaven and earth and will exist after the ruin of them. Tao is the \" Aureole\", the \" True Water\", and the \" Fire of Life\", and contains infinite wisdom and power. Tao is the origin of heaven, earth, human, and substances ; hence, the essence of all brilliant natural phenomena in the universe is called Tao and each occurrence displays Tao in its own aspect. The universe is like a giant wheel that will cease from function without Tao.

♣• The void Tao develops into different elements and spiritual energies that combine to form various and unique living beings based on the various combinations of elements and the intensity of the spiritual energy decides the type of living being we become.

♣• God ( Lord, Jehovah, Wei-hwang God, Heaven, or Allah, etc., ) is the spiritual energy of Tao. God is Tao and He created and cultivated all lives and substances according to Tao. Therefore, we all are a part of God. Jehovah said everyone is the child of God. \" In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. This is the One who was in the beginning with God. Through Him everything came into being and without Him nothing that exists came into being. In Him was Life, and the Life was the Light of men.\" ( John 1 : 1~4 ) Therefore, in the beginning God created mankind and bestowed His Life to humans, becoming the Light of men . \"Then the Lord God formed man from dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life ; and man became a living being.\" ( Genesis 2 : 7 ) Hence, each one of us is the child of God.

♣• The essence of all elements in the universe is referred to as , the Truth, which is the manifestation of Tao and which pervades heaven, earth, mankind, and substances, etc.,

♣• The essence of human life is known as the True Self and is composed of God's spiritual energy, Tao. Therefore, humans cannot live without Tao. The conscience is the True Self's manifestation. Humans, who dominate the earth, are the physical life forms that hold all the characteristics of Tao compared to all other life forms. We human beings have a mission to regulate and rule the earth. ------

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