The Discourses and Sayings of Confucius(論語)(絕版)

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▓ All the contents of this book which is present the thought that is the Chinese worthies and conceptions for over 5 thousand years culture, So that is Confucius' ideal of a Commonwealth State--a great utopia. Whereas , which is the aim of everyone to creating a happy and blissful life. Confucius' ideal of a Commonwealth State , The great thought of Confucius in ancient China who was deeply change the ideal of the Chinese Society .

♣• On the other, that had the same Confucius' ideal as The great vows of Maitreya --a pure land in this secular world . However , which is the great share vows of our --to propagate Dao and guide people in this world .

♣• First , the aim for Guide sentient beings to restore their original consciences . Second , for Revive the Chinese cultures and moral values . And the end, for Improve spiritual , physical and mental well-being ; change and better customs and habits, make the world a heavenly paradise. For all , The Mission and the Prospect of the Dao Society -- to hand down Dao heritage and traditions .

♣• The Confucius' ideal , that is for Continue to hold and pass on the torch of wisdom, the true teachings preached by the saints and sages in the past. May the heavenly light shine, may peace be on earth now and forever.

▓ Chapter 1

♣• 1. Confucius remarked, \" It is indeed a pleasure to acquire know- ledge and , as you go on acquiring, to put into practice what you have acquired. A greater ;pleasure still it is when friends of congenial minds come from afar to seek you because of your attainments. But he is truly a wise and good man who feels no discomposure even when he is not noticed of men .\"

♣• 2. A disciple of Confucius remarked, \" A man who is a good son and a good citizen will seldom be found to be a man disposed to quarrel with those in authority over him ; and men who are not disposed to quarrel with those in authority will never be found to dis-   turb the peace and order of the State. \" A wise man devotes his attention to what is essential in the fou-ndation of life. When the foundation is laid , wisdom will come . Now, to be a good son and to be a good citizen do not these form the foundation of a moral life ?\"

♣• 3. Confucius remarked, \" With plausible speech and fine manners will seldom be found moral character.\"

♣• 4. A disciple of Confucius remarked, \" I daily examine into my per- sonal conduct on three points : First, whether in carrying out the du-   ties entrusted to me by others, I have not failed in conscientiousness : Secondly, whether in intercourse with friends, I have not failed in sin- cerity and trustworthiness : Thirdly, whether I have not failed to practice what I profess in my teaching. \"

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