The Vajracchedika-Prajna-Paramita Suta & The Prajna-Paramita

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►(一)、THE DIAMOND SUTRA (The Vajracchedika-Prajna-Paramita Suta )  ------- 金剛般若波羅密經 ( 姚秦三藏法師•鳩摩羅什奉詔譯 )  

►(二)、THE HEART SUTRA ( The Prajna-Paramita-Hrdaya Sutra)   ------- 般若波羅密多心經



▓ 法會因由分第一

♣• Thus have I heard. Once upon a time, the Buddha sojourned in the Jetavana park near Sravastiwith an assembly of twelve hundred and fifty bhiksus.

♣• One day, at mealtime, the World Honoured One put on His robe,   took His bowl, and entered the great town of Sravasti to beg for His   food. After He had begged from door to door, He returned to His place. When He had taken His meal, He put away His robe and bowl, washed His feet, arranged His seat and sat down. 

► 如是我聞:一時,佛在舍衛國祇樹給孤獨園,與大比丘眾千二百五十人俱。爾時,世尊,食時,著衣持鉢,入舍衛大城乞食。於其城中次第乞已,還至本處。飯食訖,收衣鉢,洗足已,敷座而坐。

▓ 善現啟請分第二 

♣• At the time, the elder Subhuti who was in the assembly, rose from his seat, uncovered his right shoulder, knelt upon his right knee, respectfully joined the palms of his hands and said to the Buddha:It id bery rare, \"0\" World Honoured One! How we the Tathagata protects and thinks of all Bodhisattvas; how well He instructs all the Bodhisattvas. \"0\" World Honoured One, when virtuous men or women develop the supreme-enlightenment mind, how should their minds abide and how should they be subdued? 

► 時長老須菩提,在大眾中,即從座起,偏袒右肩,右膝著地,合掌恭敬,而白佛言:「希有世尊! 如來善護念諸菩薩,善咐囑諸菩薩 ! 世尊! 善男子,善女人! 發阿耨多羅三藐三菩提心 ,云何應住 ? 云何降伏其心 ?」

♣• The Buddha said: Excellent, excellent, Subhuti ! As you say , the Tathagata protects, cherishes and instructs Bodhisattvas so well. Now listen attentively men and women, who develop the supreme enlightn- mentmind, should thus abide and be subdued.   ( Subhuti replied : ) \"Oh yes , World Honoured One, I shall be glad to hear ( your instruction ) . \"

► 佛言:「善哉 ! 善哉 ! 須菩提 ! 如汝所說 : 『如來善護念諸菩薩,善咐囑諸菩薩 ! 』 汝今諦聽,當為汝說。善男子,善女人,發阿耨多羅三藐三菩提心,應如是住,如是降伏其心。 」( 須菩提言 ):「唯然! 世尊! 願樂欲聞 ! 」 

▓ 大乘正宗分第三 

♣• The Buddha said: Subhuti, all Bodhisattvas and mahasattvas   should subdue their minds as follows: All living beings born from   eggs, wombs, humidity or by transformation, with or without form,   either thoughtful or thoughtless, and neither thoughtful nor thoughtless are all led by me to the final nirvana for the extinction of reincar-   nation. Although immeasurable, uncountable and unlimitable numbers of living beings are thus led to ( the final nirvana for ) the extinction   of reincarnation, it is true that not a living being is led there. Why   so, Subhuti? ( Because ) if a Bodhisattva ( still ) clings to the false   notion ( laksana ) of an ego, a personality, a being and a life, he is   not ( a true )Bodhisattva. 

► 佛告須菩提:「諸菩薩摩訶薩,應如是降伏其心:所有一切眾生之類;若卵生、若胎生、若濕生、若化生,若有色、若無色,若有想、若無想,若非有想、若非無想,我皆令入無餘涅槃而度化之。如是滅度無量無數無邊眾生 ,實無眾生得滅度者 。何以故 ? 須菩提 ! 若菩薩有我相、人相、眾生相、壽者相 ,即非菩薩。」 

▓ 妙行無住分第四 

♣• Furthermore, Subhuti, a Bodhisattva's mind should not abide   anywhere when giving alms; that is to say, he should give without a   mind abiding in form, or he should give without a mind abiding in sound, or smell, or in taste, or in touch or in things. Subhuti, thus   a Bodhisattva should give alms without a mind abiding in false notions of form laksana. 

♣• Why? ( Because ) if a Bodhisattva's mind does not abide in forms   ( laksanas ) when practising charity (dana) , his merit will be inconce-ivable and immeasurable. Subhuti, what do you thik? Can you think of and measure the extent of space in the East? 

♣• \"I cannot, World Honoured One ! \" \" Subhuti, can you think of and measure ( all ) the extent of space in the South, West and North, as well as in the intermediate directions, includion the zenith and nadir ?\" 

♣• \"I cannot, World Honoured One ! \" \" Subhuti, ( when ) a Bodhisattva practises charity without a mind abiding in forms, his merit is equally inconceivable and immeasurable.\" \" Subhuti, a Bidhisattva's mind should THUS abide as taught.\" 

► 復次 ,須菩提 ! 菩薩於法 ,應無所住 ,行持佈施;所謂不住色佈施,不住聲、香、味、觸、法佈施。須菩提 ! 菩薩應如是佈施,不住於相。何以故 ? 若菩薩不住相佈施,其福德不可思量。於意云何?東方虛空,可思量不?(須菩提言) :不也,世尊 !   須菩提 ! 南、西、北方,四維上下虛空,可思量不?(須菩提言) :不也,世尊 !   須菩提 ! 菩薩無住相佈施,福德亦復如是不可思量。須菩提 ! 菩薩應如是所教住。 

▓ 如理實見分第五 

♣• '\"Subihuti, what do you think? Can the Tathagata be seen by   means of His bodily forms? \"   \" No, World Honoured One, the Tathagata cannot be seen by means of His bodily form. Why? Because when the Tathagata speaks of bodily form, it is not ( real ) form.\" The Buddha said to Subhuti: \" Everything with form is unreal;   if all form are seen as unreal; the Tathagata will be perceived.\" 

► 須菩提 ! 於意云何?可以身相見如來不? (須菩提言) :不也,世尊 ! 不可以身相得見如來。何以故 ? 如來所說身相,即非身相。 佛告須菩提言:凡所有相,皆是虛妄;若見諸相非相, 即見如來。 

▓ 正信希有分第六

♣• Subhuti said to the Buddha : \" World HOnoured One, will there be living beigs who can develop a true belief in these words, sen-tences and chapters when they are expounded to them?\" 

♣• The Buddha said :  Subhuti, do not speak like that. In the last   500 years, before the final passing of the Tathagata , there will be   those who will observe the rules of morality and perform good act-   ions which will result in blessing. These people will be able to dev-   elop a faith in these sentences ( which they will consider as ) embod- ying the Truth . You should know that they will not have planted   good roots in just one, two, three, four, or five Buddha lands. They   will have planted them in countless thousands and tens of thousands of Buddha lands. 

♣• Upon hearing these sentences, there will arise in them a single   thought of pure faith. Subhuti, the Tathagata , knows and sees all;   these living beings will thus acquire immeasurable merits. Why? ( Because ) they will have wiped out false notions of an ego, a pers-   onality, a being and a life, of Dharma and Not-Dharmas. Why? ( Because ) if their minds grasp form ( laksana ) , they will ( still ) cling to the notion of an ego, a personality, a being and a life. If their minds grasp the Dharma, they will (still) cling to the notion of an ego , a per- sonality, a beling and a life. Therefore, one should not grasp and hold on to the notion of Dharma as well as that of NotDharmas. This is why,the Tathagata , always said: \" Ye Bhiksus, should know that the Dharma I expound is likened to a raft.\" Even the Dharma should be   cast aside; how much more so the NotDharma? 

► 須菩提白佛言:世尊 ! 頗有眾生,得聞如是言說章句,生實信不?   佛告須菩提,莫作是說。如來滅後,後五百歲,有持戒修福者,能生信心,以此為實;當知是人不於一佛二佛三四五佛而種諸善根,已於無量千萬佛所種諸善根;聞是章句,乃至一念生淨信者。 須菩提,如來悉知悉見,是諸眾生,得如是無量福德。何以故? 是諸眾生,無復我相、人相、眾生相、壽者相,無法相、亦無非法相者。何以故? 是諸眾生,若心取相,即為著我人眾生壽者;若取法相,即著我人眾生壽者。何以故?若取非法相,即著我人眾生壽者。是故不應取法,不應取非法;以是義故,如來常說,汝等比丘,知我說法,如筏喻者,法尚應捨,何況非法。

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