Ninty Questions Concerning the Great Tao(性理釋疑九十題)(停版)

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ISBN : 10010512

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►1 . What is Tao ?

►2 . What is the relationship between the Tao and mankind ?  

►3 . How many periods could the propagation of the Tao be divided ?  

►4 . What are the main purposes of the Tao ?  

► 5 . Is there any cycle of birth and death ?  

►6 . Can we avoid the Birth-Death cycle ?  

►7 . Is it easy to learn the Tao ?  

►8 . What does it mean by " If people get ONE , they will become   sages " ?  

►9 . Why is there criticism against the Great Tao ?  

►10 . Why are there still pain and sufferings since we have already   learnt the Tao ?  

►11 . Explanation of the Great Tao.


▓ Tao is true . If we do not know what truth is, how can we learn the Tao ?

♣• Therefore , we must know the truth. The only way of knowing the truth is to question . Whenever we do not understand , we must ask questions. Unfortunately , we are ashamed of asking questions. So, the doubt in our minds remains unsolved.

♣• Many people know the Tao since it has been openly propagated all over the world nowadays . But, very few people are able to understand the importance of the Tao and discipline themselves by keeping the   spirit of the Tao . The reason is that when they have doubts, they do not raise questions.

♣• So , this book may be of assistance to those people who are deter- mined to cultivate the Tao. Moreover, it may lead them to a further   study of the Great Tao.

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