Why I am a vegetarian( 為什麼我要吃素)

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ISBN : 10010504

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INTRODUCTION : This medicine report ( WHY I AM A VEGETARIAN ) published at 《LIFE AND  HEALTH 》( The National Health Journal ) that was by OWENS S. Parrett, M. D.

♣• After read this report it is very surprised for me , I think it that is to be good for everyone ! I just do it sincerely translate the report into Chinese, may it good for every persons.

♣• That is a very famous magazine in America about THE LIFE AND HEALTH MAGAZINE, being published by THE ASSOCIATION OF NATIONAL U.S.A

  The only purpose is the propagation of human health and happy. It is said that is the only virtue of OWENS S. Parrett, M. D. and the magazine. Because Parrett, M. D. said " In my practice of medicine I have always followed the policy of telling my patients the reasons for what I ask them to do. I do not like to do anything without knowing why I doing it , and I assume that most people feel the same way . So I am going to tell you why I am a vegetarian and why I believe you should be one too. "

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