Introduction to the Treasures of Tao(三寶介紹)

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ISBN : 10010505

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►Chapter 1. index of that why we must be received the Dao ?

►Chapter 2 . What do we have received the Tao ? What did we actually receive ? And what is the Tao ?  

►Chapter 3 .What is the Three Treasures of Tao ?  

►Chapter 4 .Vowed by the Introducer and Sponsor .  

►Chapter 5 .Vowed by our when anyone received the Tao ?


▓ When the last calamity arrives, nothing can save mankind except the true way , which is the Tao sent from God . That is why the Tao is widely pro-pagated today ----to save good people.

♣• Ancient people first cultivated themselves and then received the Tao, but today we receive the Tao first and then cultivate ourselves.

♣• Therefore, after we nave received the Tao we have to seriously cultivate ourselves. Then we shall automatically be safe from danger, escape from calamities, avoid reincarnation and become Saints and Buddhas.

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