Three Divine Treasures of Tao(三寶的殊勝)

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ISBN : 9789866418624

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►1 . The First Divine Treasure : Mystical Door (Laying on of Hands)

►2 . The Second Divine Treasure : Passwords (New Name)  

►3 . The Third Divine Treasure : Contract (following Lord)


▓ We must know that the Dao we received is the truth known as the \"Supreme Dharma \" in Buddhism .   he Dao received is exactly the same as what Sakyamuni Buddha and   T Guan Yin (Avalokitesvara) Bodhiattva had received in ancient times .  

♣• When we received the Dao that the Almighty has mercifully bestowed Heavenly Decree to the ones who have been truthfully cultivating and propagating Sao since their initiations , These true cultivators are complete with

♣• virtues and merits , and with the mandate of heaven , they can represent our Holy Teachers to transmit Dao , so we reverently call them Dian Chu-an Shi , or Dao Transmitting Masters.

♣• During the Dao Receiving Ceremony, they assume the physical representation of the heavenly mandated Enlightening Masters to pass on the universal Truth to us ; this universal Truth / cosmic principle are packaged as the Three Treasures.

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