Tao Cultivation( 修道入門) (原認理歸真 )

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ISBN : 10010507

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►1 . What is Tao ?

► 2 . The difference between Tao and religious  

►3 . The Relationship Between Tao And Man  

►4 . The Purpose of Acquiring Two  

►5 . The Four Requisites of Tao Cultivation  

►6 . The Advantage of Practice Tao  

► 7 . What Is The Third " White-Stage " Disaster ?  

►8 . The Systematic Spreading Of Real Tao  

► 9 . The Secret Spreading Of Precious Tao  

►10 . The Steps After Tao Acceptance  

►11 . Meritorious Presentation In the Cultivation  

►12 . The Comparison Between The Sage And The Ordinary  

►13 . Virtuous Practice And wisdom Cultivation  

►14 . Rules And Regulations In Tao Cultivation  

►15 . Bitterness Creates Buddhahood  

►16 . Personal Conduct In Tao Cultivation  

►17 . Progress In Tao Cultivation


▓ It is very important for grateful to the grace of Heaven, virtues of Holy Teachers • However , not many of the Dao receivers are true cultivators . Why ? Some cannot really understand Dao; they cannot realize the true essence. Some encounter difficulties when cultivating but receive no help from any one .

♣• Some fail to overcome obstacles when propagating Dao; they all need assistance. Others, without good spiritual foundation , retreat due to severe trials and frustrations .

♣• All these various reasons make the journey of Dao receiving , cultivation , and accomplishment long and difficult to the extent that few cultivators succeed in reaching Buddhahood . All Buddhas are upset with this , to speak nothing of the Almighty God .

♣• Now , Merciful Almighty God and compassionate Buddhas have been stepping to this secular world and channeling the Holy Mediums to give Holy revelations . In every Dao seminar , they preach and enlighten the confused pertinently , in spoken language or in written form . However, they teach and admonish the sentient beings so that they will be enlightened and build up the faith . Then they can cultivate and practice truly and diligently to regain the original nature .

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