Search for Truth(探索真理)(停版)

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ISBN : 10010502

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► The content of this book that have 25 chapters, and every chapter being  have deeply advance discuss about \" Search for Truth\".


▓ It is very problematic about \" Search for Truth \" , Because The perceptions of truth that we each perceive the world from our different perspective , we tend to form opinions and conclusions about the nature of truth and reality . Thus people often argue about what is true or untrue .

♣• We know the basis of science , of establishing truth , is empirical facts , which are facts that must be established by means of experimentation and physical evidence . If scientists cannot substantiate a fact through any physical means or scientific experiments or tests via hypothesis , it is considered to be untrue .

♣• However , there is a problem in using such way of substantiation when it comes to the understanding of human spirituality , which is the very basis of what truth is about . It is extremely difficult and almost impossible to substantiate the existence of spirituality through empirical means . It is like trying to detect the existence of wind with a microscope or a telescope.

♣• People with their different inclinations will perceive truth differently .To a person who is very materialistic, his perception of truth might be different . His version of reality is that one can only enjoy life by indulging in the pursuit of materialism. To a compulsive gambler, his reality is that one can only acquire wealth and be rich by taking chances. Because people can be so attached to their own points of view,-------

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