The Truth of Life(生命的真理)(停版)

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ISBN : 10010516

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What is all we expect with our life?

What is life all about ?

What is the real purpose of life ?

  And we should all be wise enough to recognize it as a task worthy of our lifelong .

♣• All the wealth and fame are just like the \" reflection of the moon in the river or the flowers in the mirror .\" The seemingly \" real \" is actually \" unreal \", for all things are destined to destruction .

♣• Then , Since life is transient, unpredictable, limited , and impermanent , we must understand what is real and what is unreal . The real means something that never changes , it lasts forever , whereas the " unreal " refer to things that are changing , impermanent , mortal , transient , and temporary , we often say to see id to believe , but sometimes seeing can also be misleading .

♣• he content of this book that have 25 chapters and every chapter being I have deeply advance discuss about The Truth of Life .--

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