The Great Tao(天道)(英文)

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►1. Who am I ? Who are you ?

►2. A soul with a body ( 本書目錄 )

►3. Life after death

►4. What is karma?  

►5. The Tao

►6. Tao is not a religion  

►7.Why is it easy to get the Tao now ?  

►8. The difference between Tao and Religion  

►9. The aims of Tao  

►10. The benefits of gaining the Tao  

►11. What one should perform after gaining Tao  

►12. Great Harmony ( Ta Tung ) by Confucious  

►13. Why is "The Great Tao" so valuable to mankind ?  

►14. Tao in relation with this universe  

►15. Tao in relation with mankind  

►16.How is it possible for one to attain "The Great Tao"  

►17.Tao five religions of the world  

►18.The difference between "The Great Tao" and religions  

►19.Explaination of the "Tao"  

►20.The propagation of "The Great Tao"  

►21.The holy eightfold path ( 八正道)  

►22.The ten kinds of mind of the Bodhisativa


INTRODUCTION :▓ 《Who am I ? Who are you ?》 ( 內容介紹 )

♣• What is the difference between you and me? There is no difference up to the point of physical comparison. However, beyond   that we are milesapart when it comes to non-physical factors. We   are basically very egoistic animals… yes, animals would have been   an apt description of ourselves, considering the way we fight amo-   ngst ourselves in this earth to attain all those worthless material   wants… participation in a senseless fight for social recognition vide   material acquirement, pushing and tossing all moral values aside,   forgetting that we are sentient beings, not knowing why we are here   one earth… and where we go from here.

♣• So engrossed are we in this so called Rat Race that we lose all our self-respect, we feel no noble love for our fellow sentient beings, we become selfish, greedy, violent and some of us end up losing complete sanity.

♣• Many would say that if it can be helped, they would not want to be part of this mad world… they cannot resist being drawn into the whirlpool of insane material desire. We claim that we live in a materialistic world, and once in the mainstream of life constant struggles, we have to do what the others do or be crushed. In the wake of this struggle, who emerges the winner, the victor? No one, Why are we fighting for all these then? Are we fighting to be in this place called earth… and to continue to suffer? Who am I ? Who are you ? Where did we come from ? Where will we go ? When will we die ? If there are so much of sufferings here on earth, then this must be Hell and any place other than this must be Heaven. How often do we ever contemplate on these questions ?

♣• Time and Tide wait for no man. All too soon we shall be on the threshold of our twilight years, and shall then reailse how short a life is, here in this world. Through the period of physical existence, has anyone paused and pondered what aim in life is ? In life, we have aspirations and aims.

♣• Aspiration is a worldly aim that is laced with hopes and decorated   with success. Whatever knowledge and material gains we acquire   is superficial, for we came into this world empty handed and we   will depart in the same way as we came.

▓ 《A soul with a body》

♣• Life is the form of a physical existence, and like all physical matter, it must come to and end sometime, somehow. What then is this physical form ? The Body is the physical form, but who exist in the Body ? The Spirit which we also call Soul. We are certainly a Soul with a Body which God ( or Universal Intelligence, the scientifically-minded ones would say ) gives along with a highly sensitized computer called the Brain. This Brain or Human Mind is so powerful that it is able to assist the physical form to adapt itself to the physical surroundings, and build this material world we so lovingly called Earth. The Same Brain is capable of generating thoughts, and also realize the existence of spirits and soul. This Spirit ( Soul ) is our real being, our divine-self that gives life to the human body, and man's physical-activities. In this aspect, a living person differs from a corpse. Although both are physical forms, with the same outward appearance, the corpse implicates the obvious absence of a spiritual soul. Only when we are embodied with a spirit do we exist. The corpse is just a body without a soul.

▓ 《Life after death》

♣• The Spirit is invisible, unlike the materialistic worldly form we   called Body. The Body is a mere image, a temporary refuge for our true, divine form during our "Life" span here on earth. It is this   spiritual soul of ours that lives on long after our worldly form has   ceased and disintegreted.

♣• We must then care for, preserve, protect and look after this   entity well, treasuring it more than our worldly image. Lut spiritual   soul lives on to greater joy or great suffering depending on our   Karma.

 ▓ 《What is karma ?》

♣• Karma in simple terms can be likened to the burden of debts which one carries form past life to present life, and if not discharged, shall continue to carry forward in the next life. Karma has a far-reaching influence over our life cycle as we go through the vicious cycle of life called Reincarnation Cycle.

♣• This earthly place we call earth is merely a transit area. There is harmonious existence, symbolic of everlasting life and happiness.   Hell spells evil and suffering with the connotations of Death.

♣• Death is but a beginning of yet another Life, in the vicious Reincarnation Cycle.

♣• Our spirit thus come and go and it is whilst on this transit world that will decide our fate.

♣• A chance to go to Heaven for eternal life or suffering and de-ath in Hell is the posing question which everyone wants to have the answer. To many staunch believeres in "Life and Death", there is a way to get our of the vicious cycle not to be thrown back to suffer again. Yes, there is a Way, a Heavenly Way called Tao or Tien-Tao in Mandarin. If you believe in religion, able to understand the introduction of some important subjects, then you will surely un-derstand Tao ( Heavenly Way ), you will surely undersatand Tao ( Heavenly Way ).

▓ 《The Tao》

♣• When a person receives Tao, he is blessed with the three   heavenly secrets and when his time on this material physical world   is due, he will know how to find his way back to where he came   from. He would be able to break away from the vicious cycle of   reincarnation. If he has accumulated enough marits, not only would   he be able to discharge debts to ease off his Karma, he would also be able to achieve Buddhahook. For those who are able to achieve Buddhahood, he can come and go from Heaven to this physical world at ease. For some Buddhas, they come back to bear and relive the sufferings of sentient beings. That is why Jesus Christ, Buddha, etc., all these saints have received Tao.

▓ 《 Tao is not a religion 》

♣• Tao is alse known as the "Way to Universal Truth", or the "Way of Life", "Truth", "The Way". Tao is Heaven's root, Life's be-ginning. When one has gained the Truth, one will be able to know where one comes from and when on his death, to return to the sameorigin. The Tao (Truth ), as from ancient time till now is heaven's greatest secret.

♣• Tao may be found in different forms, in every great religion. You do not know because it is not make known to everyone, but only those deserving ones, or those destined to receive it.

♣• In ancient times, man had to sacrifice his gamily and career to seek the 'Great Teachers" for obtaining the Tao because during that stage of time, Tao is a vital secret, and it was very difficult of get. It was passed from one person in one generation to another one only in the next generation out of the whole universe. The earlier Saints / Deity who found the Truth dared not note it down into the scriptures or Holy Bible. But now, during this period of time, it is with God's permission that talented men are sent to guide us, so that we can easily obtain and understand the Truth.

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