Introduction to Dao(先天大道簡介)(中英文)

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►1. WHAT IS DAO ? (何謂 先天大道? ) ( 本書目錄 )

►2. DAO AND ME ? (道與我有什麼關係?)  

►3. WHAT IT IS IN DAO ? (求道是求什麼?)  

►4. WHAT DO I GET IN RECEIVE DAO? (求道對我什麼好處?)  

►5. WHAT DO WE NEED TO RECEIVE DAO ? (具備什麼條件才可以求道?)  






♣• Observing t he cosmos and all the living beings consciously,   among all the earthly activities and phenomena, we will find the existence of the laws of nature. There is an supernatural origin which guides all the operations happening beings. We call this source   " DAO ".

一• 何謂「先天大道」?   「先天大道」又稱「道」。我們若仔細的去觀察,心竅開悟之後,就可發覺宇宙間森羅萬象,皆是雜而有序,自然界萬事萬物的運轉,也都有一定的法則。   這個天、地、人、乃至萬事萬物的真主宰,就是「道」。道乃在天、地生成之前即已存在,故曰:「先天大道」。

♣• Dao existed before primordial time, and even before the universe   was merged. It is the origin of the world and it thereafter nurtures all the creatures and beings. Since it is unchangeable and does not   evolve with time, it is ultimate truth. It is what all saints and sages   throughout human history have been searching for.

► 道者禮也,道就是真理 。在天、地、人、乃至萬事萬物為生成之前,道即已存在,而道能生天、生地、生人、生萬物萬類。在天、地、人、萬物毀滅之後,道不會毀滅。道因為無去無來,不生不滅,乃代表著宇宙間亙古不變的真理 。

♣• The essence of Dao is the foundation of nature. The law or the   power that existed before the universe was formed is beyond descrip-   tion because there was no civilizations no creatures, let alone langu-   ages. Since it cannot be applied any name, we simply call it " Dao ".

► 道的本體,也就是宇宙自然的本體。在混沌為判之初,宇宙只是一團虛靈妙理,無天、無地、無人,也沒有語言和文字,所以我們實在無法以任何語言、文字或思慮來形容祂。故大道無名,強名曰道,我們也只是勉強用「道」這個名詞來代表祂。

♣• After the world was merged, along with the mutations of the   universe, we see the harmonious actions as exhibited in seasonal ch-   anges, rhythms of time and tide, and the balance of the ecosystem.   We also find some conformity of human nature across various culture.   These prove the laws of nature. This is the extension of that original   " Dao " when it is substantiated and materialized. It merged into every-   thing that is with and within us.

► 在天、地生成之後,道又能貫穿於宇宙萬事萬物之中,使一切的自然現象均能呈現和諧,有條不紊的運轉,這就是道的妙用。

♣• Now that we know Dao is present universally and yet difficult   to be recognized, there nave been prophets and preachers trying to   make us know and understand the origin and literature since the be-   ginning of civilization. They were scattered around the world throug-   hout history. As a result, great commandments were taught to disciples   and goodness and badness were differentiated. Theses teachings varied,

♣• based on differences in culture, background, timing and the level of   each individual's comprehension. However, they all tried to express   and transmit to their descendants, this creator and chief of the universe.   It is "God", or what we call "Dao".

► 道大理微,我們雖然無時無刻離不開道的本體和妙用,卻又很不容易去認識他們。   因此,在二、三年前,各教聖人應運出世,各化一方,針對當時的天時、地利及眾生的根器,留下千經萬典,傳下諸多去惡從善的修持法門。同時,也讓芸芸眾生認識了冥冥之中,宇宙萬事萬物均有一個真正的主宰,或稱為「上帝」,或稱為「造化主」,或稱為「天主」。我們稱其為「道」或「無生老母」,均是異名而同義。

♣• As we get to know it more and more, we will realize that the   essence of Dao and it's effect covers every existence without any   exceptions.

► 我們對道有了深一層的認識和體悟之後,就會了解,天地間實無一物不是道之本體與妙用的合一。

♣• Dao is actually the headwaters of all religions. It embraces the   essence of all the pre-teachings and teachings. And yet, it is superior   to the system of belief. It is the nature, the universe itself. "Dao" or   "God" represents the highest authority and power of nature. It is also   the headstream and superior to all. It is the unchangeable principle.

► 因此,道雖然涵蓋各大教門的精義,為千門萬教的總源頭,卻實不侷限於宗教的領域裡。而「上帝」或「老母」也不只代表著一切宗教的最高信仰中心,更是天地萬事萬物萬類的根本源頭與最高主宰,及宇宙間永恆不變的真理至道。    

♣• Understanding "Dao" allows us not only to discover the center   of all religious belief, but also to communicate with the origin and   the highest power of nature. We will then be able to relate ourselves   to relate ourselves to the truth of the universe.

► 所以,我們今天有機會了解什麼是「先天大道」,不只找到了各大教門的最高主宰,更能對宇宙至高無上的真理,有一個初步的認識。

♣• To probe further : (進一步的認識)

  Dao existed before the formation of all, yet it was not anterior,   which means that the creation was embedded in it. Dao merges into   the creation, yet it is not posterior, which means that it is not there-   after limited. Among those created, however large, they can be mea-   sured; however small, they can be detected. It is only Dao that can-   not be measured of its immensity nor detected of its existence.

♣• Therefore, it is larger than the largest and leaves nothing exclu-   ded, and yet it can be smaller than the smallest and leaves nothing   not penetrated. It is in charge of the space, the earth, human beings,   all the creatures, and all existences. It penetrates and regulates the

♣• entire universe. It is the source of all the scriptures, sutras, as well   as charmers. It encompasses all the religions, and it is what makes   one a Buddha or a saint. It is the single chief of all. And, above all,   it is in charge of each individual too. It is the divine self.

♣• This is the true meaning of Dao. We should get to know it this   way and rediscover our own invaluable treasure. So, to practice Dao   is to revive one's and to act upon it accordingly. Then, all people   can be of one spirit, all nations can be in peace like a family, and   the Great Harmony will come true. How precious Dao is !

► 「道」之真義,在先天之前不為先,在後天之後不為後。極大尚有可量,極微尚有可指;惟「道」極大不可量,極微不可指。所以,「道」是大無不包、微無不入、無所不貫、無所不通、無所不徹,貫徹了天、地、人、萬物萬類,貫徹了三十三天外、貫徹了千門萬教、貫徹了千法萬法、貫徹了千經萬典、貫徹了千佛萬祖、貫徹了天地,事實上最寶貴的,貫徹了我之一身。此乃先天大道的真義,人人必須真知真覺,也就是人人與我、我與人人良心之行也;此乃萬眾一心、世界大同,此即先天大道之寶貴也。

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